Development history

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  • 2019 - 2022

    In August 2010, Xinjiang Emintaan Casein Co., Ltd. was established

    In December 2010, it was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise"

  • 2017 - 2018

    Aiming at the difficulties of enterprise technology development, Huaan explored and stepped into the field of yak whey liquid, successfully developed yak whey functional drinks, laid the market foundation of yak whey drinks and filled the gap in China. "A fresh milk refrigeration tank", "a fresh milk pasteurization equipment" and other technologies have won 8 utility model patents and been rated as "2017 national intellectual property advantage enterprise".

  • 2014 - 2016

    Huaan continues to invest in the establishment of production bases in Gansu, Xinjiang, Sichuan and other major milk producing areas in China, and completes the construction and layout of product production bases in China;
    And actively explore the international market, build factories or set up marketing agencies abroad to further expand casein production capacity and market share.
    In May 2015, Huaan was recognized as "the second batch of backbone enterprises in the overall battle of strategic emerging industries in the province", "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises "and" Gansu food organization improvement additive Engineering Research Center ";
    In January 2016, it was recognized as "small giant enterprise of science and technology in Gansu Province".
  • 2011 - 2013

    With the continuous development and growth of the enterprise, the company began to implement group management. In March 2011, "Gansu Huaan biotechnology group" was officially established and began to implement the expansion strategic layout of diversified development.
    In 2011, Huaan established a provincial enterprise technology center, which was rated as "top 100 private enterprises in Gansu Province".
    In April 2012, Huaan was recognized as the "first batch of circular economy demonstration enterprises in Gansu Province", and casein products won the title of "famous brand products in Gansu Province".
  • 2009 - 2010

    In 2009, in order to implement the main responsibility of product quality and lay a solid foundation for industrial development, Huaan began to formulate and implement the traceability mechanism in the HACCP system.
    In April 2010, a series of scientific and technological achievements such as the research and application of whey protein and lactose were successively awarded the second prize of Linxia Prefecture Science and Technology Progress Award and the third prize of Gansu Province Science and Technology Progress Award;
    The self-developed production method of acid hydrolyzed casein has won the national invention patent.
    In December of the same year, the enterprise was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.
  • 2007 - 2008

    In March 2005, Chairman Ma Zhi’an was awarded the title of "2004 Outstanding Entrepreneur of Linxia Prefecture" and became the youngest of the outstanding entrepreneurs in Linxia.In November 2005, it was awarded as an outstanding non-public enterprise in Gansu Province.
  • 2004-2006

    At the end of 2004, a new factory was established, scientific research investment was continuously increased, and a large number of high value-added new products were developed. Huaan began to realize its real rise and entered the fast lane of rapid and stable development for 10 consecutive years;
    And gradually established a complete production system, and successively passed iso9001:2015 international quality management system certification, HACCP certification and Halal certification;
    In March 2005, chairman Ma Zhian was awarded the title of "2004 excellent entrepreneur of the state", becoming the youngest entrepreneur who won this honor in Linxia;
    In April 2005, casein gum series new products were awarded the "first prize of scientific and technological progress" in Linxia Prefecture;
    In December 2006, the company was recognized as "key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Gansu Province".
  • 2001—2003

    2001 is the most important year in the history of Huaan. Linxia Huaan Biological Products Co., Ltd. was officially incorporated;
    "Hua" in the name represents the meaning of China; "An" means "food safety" and "Hua an" means safe food in China;
    The first 2000 ton casein production line in the history of Huaan was officially put into production, completing the original capital accumulation for the future development of Huaan;
    In January 2003, Huaan "Sihe snow region brand" casein won the title of "Linxia famous brand product".

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