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  • Hua An Production Department -- Electrical Engineer

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    1, responsible for plant equipment management, fault diagnosis and clearance, fill in the maintenance log;

    2, installation, debugging, maintenance equipment;

    3, according to the factory maintenance, maintenance plan for equipment maintenance and calibration;

    4, to the equipment, maintenance records summary analysis, found problems, timely report to resolve.

    Assist the technical department to solve the technical problems.


    1, secondary school or above;

    2, have more than one year of maintenance work experience;

    3, with a good sense of service, work seriously responsible;

    4, strong accident judgment and handling ability, strong hands-on ability.

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  • Hua An Company Production Department -- Administrative Secretary

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    1, responsible for the company's various computer documents number, printing, typesetting and archiving;

    2, the collection and consolidation of the statements, in order to better follow up and implement the work;

    3, coordination of conference room reservations, reasonable arrangements for the use of conference rooms;

    4, assist the cleaner to complete the daily maintenance work of the public office area, conference room environment, to ensure the office area is clean and orderly;

    5, complete the department manager's other tasks.


    1, good image, good temperament, age 20-30 years old, female;

    2, 1-2 years of relevant work experience, secretarial, administrative and other related majors are preferred;

    3, familiar with the office administrative management knowledge and work flow, with basic business letter writing skills and strong written and oral communication skills;

    4, familiar with the official document writing format, proficient in the use of OFFICE and other office software;

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  • Group Marketing Centre -- Domestic Salesperson

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    1, sales plan management: formulate the responsible area of the annual and quarterly sales plan;

    Market development: According to the market conditions in the responsible area, promote the company and products through various channels, participate in various domestic exhibitions, formulate marketing development plans, open up new markets and new customers, and break down sales goals;

    3, customer management: according to customer level, phase and customer communication market and sales, responsible for business negotiations and transactions with customers;

    4, product pricing, order signing, project tracking, loan recovery, information collection, team management.


    1, undergraduate degree, strong sense of responsibility, active work, able to work hard, adapt to short-term business trips;

    2, with a strong sense of customer service, honest and credible, aggressive, full of team cooperation spirit;

    3, has a goal-oriented self-driving ability;

    4, have channel management, agent management experience is preferred.


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  • Group Financial Audit Centre -- Finance Assistant(Cashier)

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    1、Responsible for the daily income and expenditure of the company's currency funds;

    2、Responsible for overseas collection and settlement of payments;

    3、Responsible for daily inventory of funds, submit funds daily;

    4、Responsible for the statistics and verification of sales data;

    5、Responsible for the purchase and issuance of invoices;

    6、Responsible for assisting in reimbursement audit and statistics;

    7、Responsible for assisting financial certificate entry;

    8、Responsible for the filing of financial documents;

    9、Responsible for assisting in the analysis of relevant statistics;


    1, college degree or above, major in accounting or financial management;

    2, with more than 1-2 years of cashier work experience;

    3, familiar with operating financial software, office software, etc.;

    4, the accounting requirements are clear, accurate, timely, the accounts are closed on the day, and the report is accurate and timely;

    5, work seriously, correct attitude;

    6, understand the national financial policies and accounting, tax regulations, familiar with the bank settlement business.


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  • Group Financial Audit Centre -- Finance Commissioner

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    Responsible for company accounting, fund management, cost accounting, cost accounting and other related financial work;


    1, full-time undergraduate degree, finance, accounting, auditing and other related majors;

    2, proficient in the use of financial software and office software;

    3, strong planning and implementation skills, patience and meticulous work, a sense of responsibility.

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  • Group Marketing Centre --- International Salesperson

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    1, responsible for collecting customer information and communication, develop new customers;

    2, promote the company and products through various channels, formulate market development plans, open up new markets and new customers;

    3, maintain the business of old customers, tap the maximum potential of customers;

    Communicate with customers on market and sales situation regularly, be responsible for business negotiation and transaction with customers;

    5, product pricing, order signing, project tracking, loan recovery, information collection, etc..


    1, 22-35 years old, clear teeth, college degree or above, English reached level 6 or above.

    2, has a good English communication and expression skills and good team spirit;

    3, have English, computer professional background priority, master second language(small language) priority;

    4, have the ability to go abroad to participate in exhibitions, business negotiations.


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