Development strategy

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Talent training program
  • Talent evaluation system
  • Institutional positioning

    The medium and long-term (5-10 years) plan for talent development of the enterprise groups is formulated and positioned to meet the practical needs with reference of the national and local policies and regulations on talent development as well as the specific situation of the enterprise.

  • Conceptual positioning

    Firstly, establish the concept that talent resource is the "first resource", and put talent resource at the top of human and material resources; Secondly, play the decisive role of talent in human resources. Failure to play the leading role means the enterprise is compromising the normal functioning of the talent team; Thirdly, set up the concept of talent resource development, and pay particular attention to the development of talent ability.

  • Target positioning

    The selection, flow, introduction, use, training and team building of talents shall be coordinated with the practical and long-term needs of the enterprise development; The talent strategy shall be formulated starting from the medium and long-term strategic objectives of the group development in a planned, step-by-step, focused and practical manner.

  • Approach positioning

    Modern scientific approaches shall be used to establish a talent network, appropriately reserve and develop talents, scientifically and rationally allocate, plan and manage talent resources, and give full play to talent creativity.

  • Structural positioning

    Firstly, focus on high-level and high-quality talents among the existing talents; Secondly, play the fundamental role in talent retention of each branch (subsidiary) company. Thirdly, center on "strategic development talents" in talent introduction

  • Time positioning

    First of all, start from the practical needs to fully mobilize and give play to the enthusiasm and creativity of existing talents of the enterprise; Secondly, gather and recruit strategic talents through cultivation, training, absorption or introduction.

  • Training of skilled talents

    It mainly combines theoretical training and practical skills upgrading to create a strong atmosphere of comparison, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing by means of vigorously carrying out job training, professional exchange and old staff guiding the new, so as to continuously improve the practical ability of skilled talents to solve problems in operation.

  • Training of professional and technical talents

    Constantly optimize and upgrade the knowledge structure around post foundation, professional qualification, professional development and applied research; Set up innovation platforms and take projects as carriers to promote the improvement of practical ability as well as professional and technical level; Encourage innovation and highlight results.

  • Training of management talents

    Insist on doing well in the three stages of training and study, namely, job foundation, job qualification and in-service training. Particularly, the management at all levels shall be proficient in their own work and familiar with various businesses in daily management practice around the establishment of modern enterprise system. Personnel at important positions shall highlight their ability to improve strategic decision-making, market judgment, pioneering and innovation, risk prevention, organization and coordination, and cope with complex situations.

  • Explore the development of employee career planning and design

    In order to promote the development of talents, make positive attempt in system construction for the implementation of employees career planning, so as to define the requirement goal and development space of employees at all levels to the maximum extent, and carry out systematic design for employees to learn with direction and motivation; Pay attention to knowledge updating and continuing education throughout the whole process of employees career, with professional knowledge training in this position as the main task, supplemented by training of other relevant professional knowledge, management knowledge and basic skills; Arrange employees to participate in academic exchanges and skills inspections of their major or related positions to timely grasp advanced dynamics and broaden the vision. Finally, make regular evaluation of employees career planning, for timely regulation, timely advice and purposeful training to pave the way for their success, stimulate their creativity and help them find the most suitable positions.

  • Actively promote internal flow of talents to place them to the most appropriate positions

    Make plan to strengthen rotation exercise, exchange and secondment, hand-in of tasks and burden, adopt the method of old staff guiding the new and teachers training the apprentices, and select outstanding talents to the key links of operation and management to play a crucial role in overcoming difficulties; To learn advanced management methods from outstanding typical enterprises; To test the overall coordination ability at the grass-roots line; To enrich work experience and improve work skills.

  • Accelerate the establishment of a sound talent evaluation system

    Implement a diversified assessment and evaluation system conducive to the growth of talents. Implement classified management on managerial force, professional technicians and skilled personnel to establish different types of talent evaluation systems and formulate evaluation standard systems suitable for corresponding posts. The evaluation system is performance and contribution-oriented, and the comprehensive evaluation index system of management talents is composed of such elements as moral character, knowledge and ability.

  • Strengthen the performance-oriented assessment and improve the incentive system

    Gradually implement the assessment system with performance assessment as the core, quantitative assessment as the means and key performance assessment indicators as the main basis, and make regular assessment on a semi-annual or annual basis.The assessment results will be taken as the basis for promotion or reward, so as to give priority to the development of outstanding employees along the career path and enhance the attraction of the enterprise to high-end, short and urgently needed talents; In terms of incentives, take management talents as an example, we will focus on exploring effective assessment incentives to link their income with performance scientifically and reasonably, and give reasonable incentives to outstanding management or other outstanding talents and form a system to retain talents while fully amplifying the talent effect. On the combination of incentives, we will endeavor to solve the worries of talents. At the same time, the salary structure will be properly adjusted to further tilt to knowledge, skill, management, labor and other factors to enhance the motivation of employees continuous progress and stimulate the enthusiasm of outstanding talents to serve the development of enterprises.

  • Adopt diversified incentive methods

    Such as career motivation, career development planning for all kinds of talents, career motivation and retention of talents to promote the common development of employees and the enterprise; Carry out emotional encouragement, set up the concept of "respecting knowledge, skills and talents", and convey the gratitude and care of the enterprise to employees through various ways such as personal talk with leaders, birthday greetings and assistance in life problems, so as to show respect and trust for talents, improve their position in the enterprise and retain them with emotion; Carry out cultural motivation, give full play to the role of enterprise culture, integrate enterprise culture into the ideology of all kinds of talents to make it an important part of world outlook, views on life and values, and provide strong spiritual motivation for hard work. We will carry out environment motivation to set up a channel for appealing to talents, provide an equal and fair policy environment for talents, and build a cohesive team of talents with the attitude of "all rivers running into the sea"


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