Center functions

The research center aims to develop advanced technologies and processes for the production and processing of biological products,focus on improving the technological innovation ability of the enterprise to develop biological products, and constantly enrich the product series,expand the scope of application of casein in food, medical care, adhesives, leather chemical, microbial fermentation, aquaculture, cosmetics and other industries. To develop the technological process and product scheme of advanced technology for food processing,relying on regional advantages, to establish a large-scale, serialized production base and marketing network for yak milk food, and to create an international brand of "Hua’an" yak milk food.

Research and development ability

  • Constantly and gradually increase investment,make R&D expenditure reaches 4.5% of corporate sales,improve and perfect the level of research equipment;

  • Actively introduce and cultivate talents, build excellent teams for the enterprise of which the senior professional title is above 22%, the intermediate professional title is above 50%, and the bachelor degree is above 70%;

  • Enhance the R&D project capability, enabling the company to complete more than 8 development projects of new products, new processes and new technologies every year, and the annual growth rate exceeds 10%;

  • Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity. To carry out special subject research, overcome technical difficulties, form scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, and quickly transform into enterprise productivity. By increasing the technical level of the enterprise and improving the technical content of the product, the contribution rate of science and technology reaches 80% or more;

  • Adhering to the principle of " innovation leading, technology driving, grasping the key, defining the priority and creating the synergy", we will actively promote the leading role of production, study, research and application in the development of casein and yak milk food industry, actively seek extensive scientific research cooperation between research institutes, universities and enterprises to build a provincial-oriented open technology center at the industrial leading level;

  • Strengthen exchange and cooperation with international organizations as well as financial and scientific research institutions in the development of casein and yak milk food industry, learn from the successful experiences and advanced technologies in relevant industries of developed countries, and provide strong technical support for the development of casein and yak milk food industry in Gansu Province.

Technical service

  • Make in-depth research and development of the formula and technology of casein series of yak milk food tissue modifier to boost the development of yak milk specialty food industry.

  • Study on the technology of improving recovery rate of Qula casein;

  • Study on the technology of removing fat content of Qula casein;

  • Study on the production and debittering technology of casein phosphopeptides with three molar ratios:

  • Study on the production technology of reducing casein salt content;

  • Study on the technology of reducing chloride with acid hydrolyzed casein;

  • Key technologies of milk protein separation and purification

  • Development of milk protein active peptide and amino acid high-end quality modifiers

  • Development of butter powder grease with high oil load

  • Research and standard formulation of detection methods of food tissue improvement additives

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