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Hua'an is devoted to reducing the energy consumption and waste emission from infrastructure. We will take optimal utilization of facility equipment resources, use low energy consumption facilities to replace high energy consumption equipment; recycle solid waste, reduce the generation of solid waste and enhance the recycling of waste; periodically repair the office equipment to prolong the service life; set out from plant design layout, technological process to seek for the technology and method of reducing energy consumption and wastewater, waste gas and solid waste to produce products so as to reduce the adverse impact to environment.

We will strictly follow the relevant provisions of Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution, Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution,Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution Caused by Solid Waste to execute the waste gas, wastewater and solid waste's emission. 

After the implementation of the project, the total pollutant control index of the production plant are: smoke and dust 14.5 tons/year, sulfur dioxide 59.7 tons/year, nitrogen oxides 28 tons/year, chemical oxygen demand 14.6 tons/year, ammonia nitrogen 0.8 tons/year.

  • Noise Processing

    During the production and operation period, shall use the low noise equipment with green energy-saving materials and the parts produced by new processes, and adopt measures such as noise reduction, shock absorption and sound insulation for the noise equipment, ensuring the the noise level of the factory boundary satisfies the standard ofClass 2 standard of the "environmental noise emission standards of industrial enterprises"(GB 12348 -2008) .

  • Wastewater Treatment System

    The product wastewater willpass through the regulating tank-reaction tank-flocculation sedimentation tank-anaerobic water distribution tank-anaerobic tank-collector tank-biochemical oxygen-consuming tank and so on, and will bedischarged after thequality of sewage is in line with the three level standard limit in the comprehensive wastewater discharge standard (G68978-1996), andbe discharged into the sewage treatment plant to treatment for meet the standard (COD, BOD).

  • Granite Dust Removal System

    The main pollutants in exhaust gas and flue gas are dust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.For the unorganized dust from boiler and coal waste gas and coal yard , shall filter the sulfide and various harmful substances in the exhaust gas by installing the granite wet dust collector, andshall discharge to the atmosphere through the boiler chimney of 45 meters or more, after meeting the standard.And the detailed detection work shall be done to ensure that the emission concentrations ofdust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides must meet the emission limits of the second period in the second area of the Boiler Air Pollutant Discharge Standard (GB13271-2001).

  • GCT-10 Double-alkali Desulfurization Unit

    With the double alkalidesulfurization unit, using sodium hydroxide solution as start-up desulfurizer and calcium hydroxide as regenerator, making the desulfurizer and flue gas flow backward in desulfurization tower, so as to absorb sulfur dioxide and soot in flue gas. After treatment, the sulfur dioxide and dust in the flue gas shall meet the emission standards required by the state and regional environmental protection departments.

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