2022 Linxia State Science and Technology Activity Week kicked off, with Ma Zhihai from Huaan Compan


On May 20th, the launch ceremony of the 2022 Linxia State Science and Technology Activity Week with the theme of "Walking into Technology and Walking with Me" was grandly held at Hongyuan Square in Linxia City.

Ma Shangwen, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the State Peoples Congress, Li Yong, Deputy Governor of the State Government, Ma Shaowu, Vice Chairman of the State Political Consultative Conference, and relevant leaders of Linxia City attended the launch ceremony. Officials and representatives of cadres and employees from relevant units, research institutes, parks, societies, and enterprises directly under the state, as well as leaders of various county (city) science and technology bureaus and science associations, as well as representatives of relevant units and cadres and employees in Linxia City, attended the launch ceremony. Ma Haijun, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the State Science and Technology Bureau, presided over the launch ceremony. Ma Zhihai, General Manager of Huaan Biological Products Co., Ltd. in Linxia Prefecture, delivered a speech as a representative of a technology-based enterprise in Linxia Prefecture.

Manager Ma Zhihai stated that as a person in charge of a company, I deeply understand that technology develops with human progress, and human life also changes with technological progress. The development of a company is inseparable from the strong support of the government and the strong support of the technology department. Innovation never ends, and practice reveals true knowledge. Innovation is the manifestation of everyones ability and the soul of the entire society, without technological innovation, There is no driving force for the development of social competition.

At the event site, various exhibitors showcased the new achievements of Linxias technological development through displaying display boards, distributing science popularization promotional materials, and playing promotional videos. Science popularization exhibitions and interactive experience activities were conducted through science popularization caravans, drone displays, formation robot performances, VR experiences, earthquake fire drills, food safety testing, and medical and health assistance. The forms were diverse and exciting, and received unanimous good reviews from the on-site crowd.

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