Affection to employees for a refreshing summer delivery


Since the fall, the continuous high temperature weather has been a severe test for frontline employees. In order to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling, improve the working conditions of employees in high-temperature environments, and ensure their physical health and safety during the summer, on August 3, Gao Hua, Vice Chairman of the State Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the State Federation of Trade Unions, and a delegation came to Linxia Huaan Biological Products Co., Ltd. to carry out the "Summer Send Cool" activity.

During the condolence, the leaders of the State Federation of Trade Unions learned about the daily routine of frontline workers during high-temperature periods, and instructed the leaders of the enterprise trade unions to strictly implement measures for heatstroke prevention and safety production management, providing convenience for frontline workers to rest and cool down, ensuring their physical and mental health, and ensuring the safety of enterprise production. They also provided drinks, purified water, tea, fruits, and other heatstroke prevention and cooling items to more than 50 employees on site, effectively bringing the care and care of the trade union organization to their side, Send summer coolness to employees.

The "Summer Send Cool" activity is a microcosm of the continuous employee care activities carried out by the State Federation of Trade Unions. It is an important measure to refine, implement, and implement the concept of "I do practical things for employees", making frontline employees deeply feel the care and care brought by the State Federation of Trade Unions in hot summer days, greatly inspiring the work enthusiasm of frontline employees. Employees have expressed that they will overcome the scorching heat, transform the organizations concern into a driving force for work, focus on development goals, enhance development capabilities, and take practical actions to ensure the orderly progress of all work.

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