Casein Peptide

Casein Peptide

Description:High content casein phosphopeptide (CPP), peptide content and protein content of more than or equal to 95%, is yak casein as raw material, through enzymatic hydrolysis, separation and purification, spray drying and contains a cluster of phosphosyl acetyl polypeptide, has a significant role in promoting mineral absorption and utilization of physiological activity, known as "mineral carrier". It can effectively improve the intake, absorption and utilization of divalent minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc. It is a bioactive peptide that has been industrialized so far.

Other information

Inspecting item unit CPP1 implementation standard CPP2 implementation standard High purity casein phosphopeptides Debitterize
White or light yellow White or light yellow White or light yellow White or light yellow
Peptide content ≥14.0 ≥21.0 ≥80.0 ≥23.0
protein ≥90.0 ≥90.0 ≥80.0 ≥80.0
ash content ≤6.0 ≤6.0 ≤10 ≤6.0
Moisture ≤6.0 ≤6.0 ≤6.0 ≤6.0
Total nitrogen mg/kg ≥12 ≥12 ≥10.0 ≥12
lead ≤2.0 ≤2.0 ≤2.0 ≤2.0
Total number of colonies CFU/g ≤3000 ≤3000 ≤3000 ≤3000
mold CFU/g ≤50 ≤50 ≤50 ≤50
yeast CFU/g ≤50 ≤50 ≤50 ≤50
Coliform group MNP/g ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Pathogenic bacteria CFU/g not be detected not be detected not be detected not be detected

Packaging: 5Kg
Storage: rainproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, rate-proof
Transport: roads, railways
Life cycle: 12 months

Range of application

CPP has the characteristics of complete dissolution in a wide pH range, can withstand high-temperature treatment and has good stability. Therefore, it can be added to the following products:
Nutritional health products and dairy products that strengthen calcium, iron and zinc, such as milk, student formula milk, high calcium and low-fat milk, etc;
Children's nutritious food, such as baby nutritious rice flour, high calcium biscuits, etc;
Bean products, such as high calcium bean milk powder, calcium tofu, nutritional cereal, chewing gum, etc;
Anti dental caries toothpaste, beer, sparkling wine and other gas drinks can make the foam delicate, durable, and promote mineral absorption.
When applied in the above products, CPP can make the product formula more perfect and reasonable, truly achieve the purpose of supplementing these mineral nutrients to the human body, and realize the upgrading of the original products. In addition, the original flavor and taste of products added with CPP can remain unchanged. CPP is added to the products that strengthen calcium and iron, which makes them different from other similar products in the market and in a leading position in the market.
CPP can not only promote the absorption of calcium, but also promote the absorption and utilization of iron and zinc. Therefore, the development of nutritional food and health products added with CPP can truly achieve the purpose of effectively supplementing minerals lacking in the human body and meet people's nutritional needs, which will produce huge economic and social benefits.

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