Sodium Caseinate

Sodium Caseinate

Description:Sodium caseinate, also known as sodium caseinate, sodium caseinate and sodium caseinate, is the sodium salt of the main protein casein in milk. It is a safe and harmless thickener and emulsifier. Because sodium caseinate contains various amino acids needed by human body, it has high nutritional value and can also be used as a nutritional fortifier. While replenishing calcium, it also provides essential amino acids needed by the body. It has the dual effects of replenishing calcium and protein. It is a white or light yellow particle or powder obtained by treating casein curd milk with alkaline substances (such as sodium hydroxide) and transforming water-insoluble casein into soluble form. As a food additive, sodium caseinate has high safety and is widely used all over the world. Because of its good emulsifying and thickening effects, it is widely used in almost all food industries.

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Other information

Functional features:
Sodium caseinate is white to light yellow granular, powdery or flake solid. Odorless, tasteless or slightly special aroma and taste. Soluble in waste water, neutral pH, casein precipitation is produced by adding acid to the aqueous solution.
Thickening property
Sodium caseinate is a high molecular protein, which can have a certain viscosity in aqueous solution. The combination of sodium caseinate and some other thickeners such as carrageenan, guar gum and carboxymethyl cellulose can also greatly improve its thickening performance. Carrageenan has the greatest effect, which is usually related to temperature, pH value and metal ions.
Emulsifying property
Sodium caseinate has certain emulsifying properties because of its hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. Because sodium caseinate is very heat-resistant, its emulsifying power can be greatly improved when heat treated under specific pH conditions. The proper combination of sodium caseinate and carrageenan can not only increase the viscosity, but also greatly increase its emulsifying power. The combination of many other emulsifiers with sodium caseinate can also enhance emulsification. Generally, the emulsifier made of sodium caseinate has better stability than the emulsifier made of whey protein and soybean protein.
Foaming property
Sodium caseinate has good foaming property, which can be widely used in cold foods such as ice cream to improve its texture and taste. In the study of foaming property, it is found that when the concentration is in the range of 0.5 ~ 8%, the foaming power of sodium caseinate is the largest under the same conditions, and its foaming power increases with the increase of concentration.
thermal stability
Another characteristic of sodium caseinate is that it has good thermal stability. Sodium caseinate emulsion can be sterilized at 120 ℃ without damaging its stability and functionality. This is mainly because sodium caseinate can form a strong and tough hydrophilic protein membrane of LGM on the surface of fat spheres, which will not lead to the destruction of emulsion system due to denaturation and shrinkage.
Interface characteristics
As a water-soluble emulsifier, sodium caseinate is mainly used to reduce the tension of the oil-water interface, form a balanced and stable emulsion at the oil-water emulsifier interface, improve the retention of fat and water, prevent dehydration and shrinkage, and contribute to the uniform distribution of various components in food processing, so as to further improve the texture and taste of food. It is widely used in all kinds of food.

Packaging: "Huaan" brand 25kg pearlescent film woven bag, with polyethylene non-toxic plastic lined packaging bag inside and external composite packaging bag, with a net weight of 25kg

Storage: store in cool and dry conditions to prevent moisture and mildew
Transportation: Highway and railway
Shelf life: two years from the date of production under suitable storage conditions

Range of application

Industrial applications:
According to the hygienic standard for food additives (GB2760-1996), sodium caseinate can be used in various foods according to the production needs. Sodium caseinate can be used in lunch meat, sausage and other meat products, which can increase the binding force and water holding capacity of meat, improve the quality of meat products, improve the utilization rate of meat and reduce the production cost. It is used in dairy products such as ice cream, margarine and sour milk beverage. As thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer, it can further improve the quality of products. Sodium caseinate can also be used as a nutritional fortification agent for special foods such as high protein Cereals, elderly food, baby food, and diabetic food.
meat dish:
The application of sodium caseinate in meat food can be roughly divided into four categories:
① Minced meat products. Such as a variety of sausage.
② Minced meat products, such as minced beef and mutton, hamburgers.
③ Uncut meat products, such as salted ham.
④ It is often used in baked food. Because sodium caseinate is rich in lysine, it can greatly supplement the deficiency of lysine in grain protein, so as to improve the nutritional value of baked products.


Sodium caseinate itself can be considered as a kind of dairy products. Its application to other dairy products can further improve the quality of other products.
ice cream:
The addition of sodium caseinate can help to improve the tissue structure, damage foaming and expansion rate of ice cream due to its high protein content (about 90%) and good foaming. Then, the product quality can be greatly improved through the emulsification of sodium caseinate itself and the synergistic effect with other emulsifiers.
Milk solid drinks:
In the production of milk solid beverage, the protein content is usually 8% (usually 6-7%) lower than the national standard and the specific volume of the product is small. If more milk powder and condensed milk are not ideal, the problem can be better solved if sodium caseinate is properly added at this time.
In addition to a certain protein content, yogurt should also have a certain gelling property. Proper addition of sodium caseinate can increase its gelation ability and hardness, make it taste better, and improve the product quality.
Edible film application:
When plasticizer is added, the whey protein isolate solution and sodium caseinate solution are mixed to make an edible film. A good edible film can effectively control the transfer of water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide and lipids in the food system and stop the volatilization loss of flavor compounds. Prevent environmental pollution caused by packaging with plastic products.
Sodium caseinate can also be used in soups and soups, fast food and brine to increase viscosity and improve taste; It is used in beverages, especially plant protein beverages, to prevent fat precipitation, improve stability and clarify beverages and fruit wine.

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