Acid Hydrolyzed Casein

Acid Hydrolyzed Casein

Description:Acid hydrolyzed casein is a white or light yellow powder made of high quality yak casein, which is hydrolyzed, decolorized, desalted, concentrated and spray dried at various levels. It can be decomposed into amino acids. It is one of the most basic nutrients of human, animals, plants and microorganisms. It can be used as the culture medium for basic disciplines such as microbiology and genetic genetics.

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Other information

Functional features:
Acid hydrolyzed casein is white or light yellow powder, soluble in water, easily deliquescent and has sauce flavor. It takes natural milk protein as raw material, contains 18 kinds of free amino acids, and the content of nitrogen and protein is more than 80%. When protein is hydrolyzed into amino acid components by hydrochloric acid, pharmaceutical grade can be used as energy mixture to directly supply people with supplementary energy, and reagent grade can be used as microbial culture medium.

Product composition:

This product contains 18 representative amino acids: (in milligrams)

Amino acids: 55.7    Isoleucine: 46.9

Threonine: 34.6      Arginine: 35.7

Leucine: 75.6       Tryptophan:<0.5

Aspartic acid: 50.1   lysine: 90.1

Tyrosine: 28.8      Cysteine: 0.2

Methionine: 22.0     Valine: 64.3

Glutamate: 187.5     phenylalanine: 41.3

Proline: 83.5       Glycine: 21.3

Histidine: 28.4      Serine: 24.6

Range of application

Pharmaceutical industry:
In the pharmaceutical industry, acid hydrolyzed casein is mainly used as the raw material of pharmaceutical products, such as nuclear casein oral liquid and amino acid metal chelating preparation; For example, a nutritional composition comprising a protein source of whey protein and hydrolyzed casein protein, such as a premature infant formula. In addition, methods for improving gastric emptying and digestibility in target subjects (e.g. premature infants) are provided. When administered, the nutritional composition can promote intestinal propulsion and absorption. Therefore, better growth and development of target subjects, especially neural development, can be achieved.
Food industry:
In the food industry, acid hydrolyzed casein is mainly used as an additive for high-end nutrition to supplement amino acids; For example, to prepare a low sensitivity newborn formula milk powder, the raw materials include raw milk, lactose α Whey protein, hydrolyzed whey protein, hydrolyzed casein and bioactive substances have the advantages of taking into account low sensitivity and improving immunity, solving the problem of infant allergy by reducing allergens and improving immunity; The preparation process is simple, the milk powder has good solubility, stable shelf life and is not easy to oxidize.
Feed industry:
In the feed industry, acid hydrolyzed casein can be used as feed additive to enhance flavor and freshness, and to strengthen the nutrition of animal feed; This product has a high content of glutamate and has the effect of regulating taste and promoting animal appetite; This product is rich in cystine, tyrosine, serine and other amino acids conducive to the growth of animal fur. Animals have the reaction of ruddy skin and shiny hair after eating, which promotes the growth of animal fur.
Fermentation industry:
This product can be directly used for the preparation of culture medium or nutrient fermentation broth in microbial fermentation, improve the rapid reproduction ability and enzyme production ability of strains, shorten the fermentation cycle, and improve the yield in fermentation.
Fertilizer industry:
The total nitrogen of this product is about 80%, which has a long-term nitrogen supplement effect on plant growth mechanism. It can combine trace elements and promote plant absorption.
Tobacco industry:
It is mainly used as flavoring agent in the tobacco industry.
Plant tissue culture:
In the plant micro fertilizer industry, acid hydrolyzed casein is an important raw material of amino acid metal chelating fertilizer.
Daily chemical industry:
In the daily chemical industry, acid hydrolyzed casein can be used as the raw material of amino acid skin care products and amino acid daily chemical products

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